Exchange Toolkit
Easing Exchange Data Access

The Exchange Toolkit is a set of tools (in the ts3d namespace) that make common workflows easier, including

Using the Toolkit

The toolkit is contained in header files only. To use the toolkit, simply add the desired headers to your project. The source repository is hosted on GitHub here.


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The Exchange data model is a necessarily complex one. It captures macro and micro structures from multi-file assemblies down to the geometry for individual parts. As a result traversing the available data structures can be challenging.

To address this challenge the Exchange Toolkit provides functions for easily accessing specific parts of the data model.

Data Access

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The general usage pattern employed by the Exchange API can be verbose. It requires you to declare a struct, initialize it, use the "Get" API to fill the struct, then to free you must call "Get" again with a null object pointer.

To ease the verbosity of this approach, Exchange Toolkit provides macros for easing data access for most Exchange object types. Additionally, there are several functions for common data access operations, such as querying the object's type and name.

Eigen Bridge

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The Exchange API contains transforms, matrices, vectors and positions. The API does not address any mathematical operations on these objects.

The Exchange Toolkit provides a bridge to easily convert from Exchange objects to the more standard Eigen toolkit.


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