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ts3d::CheckResult Class Reference

This class is used to log calls to the Exchange API. More...

#include <ExchangeToolkit.h>

Public Member Functions

void setFailureCallback (std::function< bool(CheckResult const &)> failure_cb)
 Sets the callback function that is invoked when an call is made and the result value is not A3D_SUCCESS. The default implementation writes the function, file, line and status codes to std::cerr.
std::string const & file (void) const
 Gets the filename where the last call was invoked from.
int const & line (void) const
 Gets the line number where the last call was invoked from.
std::string const & fn (void) const
 Gets the stringified representation of the last function call.
A3DStatus const & result (void) const
 Gets the return code resulting from the last function call.
bool _record (std::string const file, int const line_no, std::string const fn, A3DStatus const result)
 Used internally by the CheckResult macro to log a function call.

Static Public Member Functions

static CheckResultinstance (void)
 Gets the global instances of the CheckResult object. The returned object can be used to examine information about the most recent call to an Exchange API invoked by the CheckResult macro.

Detailed Description

This class is used to log calls to the Exchange API.

Information about each call is recorded when you use the macro CheckResult

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