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ts3d::Tess3DWireInstance Class Reference

Provides easy access to wire tessellation data. More...

#include <ExchangeToolkit.h>

Inheritance diagram for ts3d::Tess3DWireInstance:
ts3d::TessBaseInstance ts3d::Instance


struct  WireData
 Structure describing wire data. More...

Public Types

enum  ColorSpec { ColorSpec::RGB, ColorSpec::RGBA }
 How color is specified. More...
enum  ColorApplication { ColorApplication::PerVertex, ColorApplication::PerSegment }
 How is the color applied? More...

Public Member Functions

 Tess3DWireInstance (InstancePath const &path)
A3DUns32 getNumberOfWires (void) const
 Gets the number of wires.
ColorSpec getColorSpecification (void) const
 Hos is the color specified?
- Public Member Functions inherited from ts3d::TessBaseInstance
 TessBaseInstance (InstancePath const &path)
 throws if leaf type is not "derived" from A3DTessBase
double const * coords (void) const
 Gets the array of coordinate values for the tesselation. This array is of length coordsSize().
A3DUns32 coordsSize (void) const
 The length of the coords() array.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ts3d::Instance
 Instance (InstancePath const &path)
 Constructs an Instance from the provided InstancePath.
 Instance (Instance const &other)
 Copy constructor.
 Instance (Instance &&other)
 Move constructor.
virtual ~Instance (void)
Instanceoperator= (Instance const &other)
Instanceoperator= (Instance &&other)
 Move assign.
bool operator== (Instance const &other) const
 Compare paths.
std::string getName (void) const
 Gets the object name.
std::string getType (void) const
 Gets the object type as a string.
InstancePath const & path (void) const
 Gets the InstancePath this Instance references.
Instance owner (void) const
 Gets an Instance object for the parent.
void reset (InstancePath const &new_path)
 Resets the InstancePath this Instance references.
A3DEntity * leaf (void) const
 Gets the leaf entity pointer.
A3DEEntityType leafType (void) const
 Gets the type of the leaf entity.
bool getNetRemoved (void) const
 Gets the net removed.
bool getNetShow (void) const
 Gets the net show.
A3DGraphStyleData getNetStyle (void) const
 Gets the net style.
A3DUns16 getNetLayer (void) const
 Gets the net layer.

Detailed Description

Provides easy access to wire tessellation data.


Member Enumeration Documentation

How is the color applied?


Per vertex color.


Per wire segment color.

How color is specified.


RGB only, no alpha.


RGB and alpha.. imagine that!

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